Hidden Things

This morning I am thinking of the things that are so close to us and yet they are hidden. We walk by these things everyday never realizing the things that we need the most are often hidden. I have often looked at the majesty of the icebergs you see floating off the shores of Newfoundland and think that I truly know what an iceberg looks like. Yet we know that at least 90% of the iceberg is hidden beneath the surface of the water. To truly know the iceberg you would have to explore below the surface. Most of us cannot be bothered with such effort and are happy to settle for what we can see.
Not always do we look and see beauty and are satisfied like with the iceberg but often we look and see a desert wasteland as you would if you were walking through Saudi Arabia. You would see no value at all and be quick to leave this place behind. Yet we know that below the surface there is a wealth of oil which is the envy of the world. With oil comes wealth and prosperity.
There is also the picture you see with the farmer and his field. He tills up the hard ground so it will provide a good place for his seed to be planted. Yet once the farmer has planted the seed in the ground we could look over the field and see nothing but mud. At that point the value of the field really is low as there is no crop but only the promise of one in the future. The farmer cannot make his seed turn into a crop but can only do his part of the process. The rest is up to God to bring the rain and the sun in balance and he simply trusts in the process.
So often we also walk by people everyday thinking we know them and yet 90% of the person will never be discovered without going below the surface. All too often we are satisfied with knowing the 10% and can’t be bothered to pursue more as there may be a cost attached to that. Too many times we are not willing to pay the price to know the people in our lives. How is it that we have become satisfied with so little? So many of us have become adrenaline junkies looking for the next quick fix which can take all kinds of shapes but they are all dead ends. Some find there fix in movies and situation comedies where they can leave their reality and escape into one made in Hollywood. There a person can hide from their pain so they don’t have to deal with it. Others find it in temporary relationships which are mostly physical and stay on the surface where that known 10% ( which often is a facade ) is. My wife and I sat in a pub one night in a hotel we were staying at and while having a drink and some wings started chatting with a couple at the next table. Now I am a person who likes to know more about what lies beneath the surface so I asked some questions as to why they were there, and what their relationship was. As it turned out they both had just broken off with their spouses and had “ found “ each other and were starting a new relationship in hopes of better things. As I continued the discussion the man became increasingly uncomfortable and she became increasingly curious about what I knew ( and I’m not an expert ) about them. It became painfully evident that she was looking to be made safe and be loved and he was not willing to budge from the surface and was looking to satisfy something else. I would be willing to bet that his evening wasn’t going to finish off as he expected.
The truth is that if you want to discover the richness and find where the valuables are hidden then you must be willing to dig, and stay with it until you find it.
If any of you have ever followed the blog of my daughter in law Megan you will see a great example of what it means for someone to dig down and find the hidden treasures in what would appear to some to be nothing more than the hidden wasteland. Chris and Megan have been transformed from the people of the 10% to people of great depth. Like the farmer they have been tilling up the hard ground of their hearts and have allowed seeds of truth to be planted within them and now they wait in faith for the harvest. Some of that journey is recorded in the journal and would be a great learning tool for those willing to go deep. They are not experts now by any means but are more like explorers and pioneers who are discovering new lands and learning how to master their new environment. Here’s the link
You may be just like them in the fact that your life is a busy one and you don’t feel you have the time to go deep or to invest the time that it takes to take the plunge to the deep. But maybe you like them have hit a wall that will not allow you to go any further this way. Maybe now going deep is no longer an option but a necessity. Before you can journey deep in someone else’s life you have to go deep in your own life and find out what stuff has come in that really has caused you stumble through life and relationships instead of thriving. Something you will discover about yourself will be found in the confines of your own heart. You may think life is managed with your mind but the truth is the condition of the heart is what will bring life or death. That is where the vaults are that hold all the memories of what has caused your heart pain and have caused the walls to be built and the new “ safety procedures “ that you have adhered to in your life. These procedures are supposed to keep you from being hurt but they mostly keep you from knowing love.
Well enough said for now but I hope I have caused you think about going deeper. Take your best friend on the journey with you. There is no better guide then the Holy Spirit. 


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