Clean Up Time

Well a beautiful spring day here in the Maritimes. It is so nice to walk outside and hear the music of God’s winged creatures back again. It is so empty when you go out in the dead of winter on a fine day and hear nothing. I needed to get out in the great outdoors so I thought it would be a good chance to clean up the inside of the vehicles. I drove home last night in the card that my wife normally has and the windows were all spotted inside which is distracting driving at night. However the things that pester us can be great motivators to do something about them, or make a change.
When looking in the back seat of my truck I discovered lots of things that really had no place there. There were 3 pairs of gloves, 2 window scrapers, a second c.d. case, a rag, small towel, a small phone book and a few other miscellaneous things. Well I removed the clutter today and it didn’t take very long but just the will to do it. Most of the things ended up there because of me “ Just in case something happens” mindset.
I’m not sure when it happened but somewhere along the way I developed a need to collect stuff “ just in case”. Now I could argue that I am just being prepared, should I find myself in a situation. It can be a full time job if you are one of those people who are always thinking about how you are going to protect yourself if you find yourself in trouble. Do I have my cell phone with me?, do I have plenty of gas in the car, Is there extra food stored in the freezer, do I have enough cash on hand and the list goes on.
Perhaps it is not limited to stuff but shows up in many areas of your life. When I meet someone for the first time and they are shaking my hand and telling me there name I am trying to read them as fast as I can and I seldom really listen to their name because It is low on my priority list right then. Is this person friend or foe? Is this person stable or a wildcard that you need to stay guarded around. I saw a movie recently where a new student#1 was confronted by another student over something he had said. Student #2 wanted Student #1 to clarify what he said. Student #1 strikes #2 and sends him crashing to the ground. He then looks around at all the onlookers hoping that this has just made a clear statement to the student body. What would be going on in the mind of that student wanting to send that message out?
Fear is what is behind it. In the case on the new student, he was afraid of where he may be categorized so he was trying to ensure he would be near the top of the food chain. Fear is one of the most powerful negative forces on the face of the earth. Why would I say that you ask? FEAR IS A FORCE THAT CONTROLS THE PERSON IT OCCUPIES. I shudder to think of the percentage of people who are controlled by this very thing. People don’t fly because of fear, people don’t swim , don’t eat right, sleep right, don’t have healthy relationships, don’t allow emotion and the list goes on and on. So what do we do ? We medicate ourselves. It might be a smoke, a pill, a bottle, a needle or some type of fantasy but fear will send you to these wells to look for relief.
So what is it that we are afraid of? Pain ….. plain and simple. There are none who walk the earth today that have not experienced pain in their life at some point. We know that hurt people ….hurt people. Most of the stuff we suffer from sprang out of a seed planed a long time ago when we were very young.
I remember a seed that was planted in my life as a young boy as clear as it was only yesterday. I was at the harness racing track with my mom and sister. It was a rocky time in the house and dad wasn’t living with us then because of blow up between my parents. As the night wore on mom thought she should take us home and put us to bed but I whined and asked her if I could stay longer and my grandmother who was there offered to take me home later if she didn’t mind. Yahoo, good old grandma came through. So I enjoyed the rest of the evening until it was time to drive me home. As I sat in the back seat of the car she started a discussion with me concerning my dad. I guess she felt the need to come to his aid as the villain in my mind and went on the offensive. One of the things that she said was that dad was wrong being unfaithful BUT “your mother is nothing but a whore either”. Well that hit me like a mall to the head. She continued but I had disappeared inside of myself somewhere but there was one clear voice I did hear. “ You are alone Norman and there is no safe place for you to go. There is no person you can trust or turn to because none can be trusted so you will have to make your way though life with this truth” I remember how sick I felt inside and how I felt so lost. On top of that I was fairly new to the area where I lived so my friends were few and I would often get beat up or picked on. Where was I to turn? There really appeared to be no safe place. How I missed my friends the Peppard’s at that time. They were a family who lived across the street in one of our many dwellings. I had spent many hours there at one point. It was the one home that I always felt safe and like a member of the family. But they were gone now only to be found in my memories.
The one incident changed the course of my life. It wasn’t so much what happen but what I concluded from it all. I am sure that many of you have been greatly affected an event that would have happen during your life as well. The lies that we conclude as a child is the mortar that holds our house made of thoughts together. To us they are not lies but what “ we experienced” and therefore true. Unless these belief systems come down we will be powerless to ever change and be free to be the person we were called to be and do the things you were called to do.
Who can help me now that I dare reveal my hurts to and has the wisdom to know truth from a lie? The person would have to be very loving, wise, trustworthy, and able to know my past and present. They would have to know the truth in my every situation. They would need to be acquainted with all my ways. There is none who fit that description except the person of Jesus. If you call Him He will come. He has been waiting for you to call your whole life. He will find all the things that were lost for you. He will expose the lies and replace them with the truth. If you ask He will even make His home with you.
It is spring now so consider getting rid of all the junk that clutters your life and will not really keep you safe anyway. The stuff you surround yourself with is not the answer for you. It’s a great day to start a journey into freedom.

Just Making My Way

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