Great Expectations

Well today is one of those days where you wake up and you are already behind before you even start. My belly had a churning inside that was not so much physical as it was spiritual. Something was bothering me and it was coming from within. Well it wasn’t too long after I got up and woke up a little more that I realised what it was. I had an expectation in a friend of mine that the friend failed to me. I have no idea that the person even realises there was an expectation of them. So the result of this unmet expectation is me churning on the inside and wondering what to do on the outside about it.
I guess the 1st question that arises is “ Are the expectations that we put on people fair or even right to do?” If the person isn’t even aware that there is one, then what are the odds of the person ever meeting them? As I sit here and think about this these thoughts come to mind.
What is it I am doing when I place an expectation on a person? Well I am placing my faith in that person for performing an act that will ultimately benefit me in the end. So the end result will be that I am blessed or made to look good or some positive outcome by them fulfilling whatever expectation was put on them. Now conversely when that expectation is not met at best there is no result or the result will be a negative one for me. Well I could ponder just what the right response should be on my part but I do know the result that does happen within me as a result. The churning in my belly I mentioned at the first will happen. There will be a sense of disappointment come rest over me and even perhaps a sense of betrayal. Have you ever had these thoughts come to mind? “What was the person thinking?” “This thing was so important to me so why didn’t they care about it?” “Perhaps this friendship between us isn’t real at all? “
I would suggest to you that when you are hurt or disappointed in someone you are very vulnerable to the voice of the accuser. He is there to accuse your friends to your mind as well as you. He seeks his opportunity to come into this situation and destroy the bond of unity or friendship between you. He is all about division, turmoil, strife and dissention among you and those you have relationship with up to and including God. As he speaks his poison to you while you are weak with disappointment and heartache he will seek to get you to agree with his thoughts and so release a curse. Your mouth was designed to release blessing but he wants to pervert God’s plan for you and have you release a curse and seek justice against the other person. The justice road being walked rather than the forgiveness trail will bring suffering upon the person who will not forgive. The accuser will then release his tormentors to come and bring torment and suffering to you. He will also attempt to get you to make a vow like “ I will NEVER TRUST that person again!” Or make a judgement “That person is NOT TRUSTWORTHY and I will spread the news about them too.
It’s funny how if I remove the situation from being personal I can see and think much more clearly than if I stay wallowing in my disappointment where I am not motivated to do what is right but instead entertain the accuser himself and listen to his advice on how we may show the person the “ error of their way” So where is God in all of this? Just have a look at this.

Psalm 62
1My soul waits calmly for God alone.
My salvation comes from him.
2He alone is my rock and my savior—my stronghold.
I cannot be severely shaken.
3How long will all of you attack a person?
How long will you try to murder him,
as though he were a leaning wall or a sagging fence?
4They plan to force him out of his high position.
They are happy to lie.
They bless with their mouths,
but in their hearts they curse.
5Wait calmly for God alone, my soul,
because my hope comes from him.
6He alone is my rock and my savior—my stronghold.
I cannot be shaken.
7My salvation and my glory depend on God.
God is the rock of my strength, my refuge.
8Trust him at all times, you people.
Pour out your hearts in his presence.
God is our refuge.
Whatever you project or plan is it seems to be wise to bring our Father into whatever it is why things are at the thought process. It is Him who has a plan for you. You need not try and find satisfaction outside of Him but all we need is in Him. He is willing to walk life with you as the ultimate tour guide and protector but you must let Him lead. So many of us see Him as the greeter at church on Sunday and then we shake his hand goodbye as we leave for another week. Life is lived every day and you have purpose which includes being a blessing to all you meet. You are not their manager, their judge, their accuser but rather you are their for THEIR benefit not yours. God is your benefit and will see you have everything you need and the recourses to do all He has called you to do.
Okay I have now pondered enough truth that I am forgiving my friend and repenting for ever putting my expectations on the person to begin with. Well another small step for mankind but a giant step for me. Man if I can make changes in the way I think then there is hope for all of you. 


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  1. Great message. As i read through your thought process, my first thought was, that is what a good friend is. One who allows others to be themselves in all of the imperfections and failings. Yes even grace when friends let each other down, intentionally or unintentionally. Kind of has the sound of a precious child of God being made into more of His likeness. Praise the work of His hand! That means there is hope for me too!

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