The Ones Who Love

Well it is a beautiful day outside but I am feeling so under the weather. It’s funny how the body will really let you know when it is not comfy and mine is not. I think it is one of those training weeks where I have an opportunity to develop some character. I think of the Nyquil commercial where the man asks his wife Pam “ Can you call my mom?”
I’m trying not to be like that guy. So when I am feeling low and miserable who do I want around anyway? Well my history will show that I have been a person who will withdraw away from people when my body is feeling weak, sick or afraid. I think that I have enough to deal with right now and the last thing I need to have is more challenges. I’m sure I’m not alone in this and for a variety of reasons. One thing is that we have an image that we have created for our friends around us and when we find ourselves in this state we wonder if we can live up to that image? Not likely and most of us no longer have the will to do so either.
So what is the fallout from our friends seeing this weakened not so attractive version of ourselves anyway? Well if you are like me you probably have a variety of friends with different strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the situation you would prefer to select a certain friend when you are in a particular situation. Sort of like going to the toolbox and getting the right tool for the right job. Just to clarify at this point I don’t see any of my friends as “ tools “ 
I have some really bright friends who seem to know something about any topic you can throw at them. They are so much like that that I originally didn’t like them because I thought they were just full of it as nobody could possibly have such a broad base of knowledge. Well they actually do and are just they type of person to seek out any and everything so he understands whatever it is. Wisdom also accompanies this person in many areas. You could lay the problem before me and I might never even give it a second thought let alone start the hunt. I’ll just hang out here in my nothing box thanks. The fact is that I just don’t care to pursue things that don’t wake any interest in me.  Besides I can just ask my friend. Way easier.
I also have friends who can fix or just build about anything. They just seem to have a talent that will face a challenge with a confidence that whatever the issue is that it can be overcome. If fact it appears to require little thought on their part. They are the people that can point me in the right direction and give great advice.
I have friends that are well off financially and seem to be good with money and they are never in need, financially. They have an opinion about money and success that they would be willing to discuss with you. I have tall friends, short friends, old friends and young. Like most of the rest of you they all have a place in my life. But what about today when I am the one who is presently feeling broken? Now today it happens to be a virus but there are other times that I am broke in ways that causes me to wonder whether or not I will ever overcome whatever it is. Perhaps you know someone in that shape right now? The pit of despair brought on by something that has taken who they were and diminished it into something much less. ( This may if fact not be true but to the person believing it is very real )
So who is it that you want to call when you are down and feeling vulnerable? Is it a person who just happens to know about the very struggle you are going through, why you are there and the 10 steps that you need to fix yourself? Maybe it is the person who never worries about money because of the great success they have been managing it. How about your friend who can build anything or at least give you advise on what to build to get things sorted out again. What about the person who has been given a death sentence by a doctor who no longer has hope? Which person would they look to draw from. Who is it that has just what they need? At some point we will find ourselves in a place where hope is far, far, away. Which one of your friends is able to bring any comfort?
One of my favorite scriptures is this one. Jeremiah 9
23 The Lord says, “Let not a wise man speak with pride about his wisdom. Let not the strong man speak with pride about his strength. And let not a rich man speak with pride about his riches. 24 But let him who speaks with pride speak about this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am the Lord who shows loving-kindness and does what is fair and right and good on earth. For I find joy in these things,” says the Lord.
I have been involved in church circles for some time now and I have met a number of people who just happen to be experts in the area of God and now just stroke the bible the right way for God to appear and grant you your 3 wishes. Okay that remark wasn’t called for but I want to make a point. That point is when I am vulnerable, feeling over whelmed or just broken I will not be seeking out someone who has all the answers and able to explain why I have failed and find myself in a pit and nor will I be cheered up by stories of how you have succeeded where I and many others have not. Instead I am wanting the company of one who will sit with me and love me in my mess. A person who has sought out the company of God in their own life and spent the time with Him and now shows the same characteristics of our Heavenly Dad. Someone who will show me loving kindness and do and speak what is fair, right and good on the earth. These people can deliver some difficult truths to you but you will be able to receive from them. They are rare and to be greatly valued on the earth.
These are not people who were just “ born that way” but have developed their character during difficult times in life. Difficulty has a purpose that is meant to change you into His likeness. If you ever have been to a wedding or two you would have heard this scripture from Corinthians 13.
8 Love never comes to an end. The gift of speaking God’s Word will come to an end. The gift of speaking in special sounds will be stopped. The gift of understanding will come to an end. 9 For we only know a part now, and we speak only a part. 10 When everything is perfect, then we will not need these gifts that are not perfect. When I was a child, I spoke like a child. I thought like a child. I understood like a child. Now I am a man. I do not act like a child anymore. 12 Now that which we see is as if we were looking in a broken mirror. But then we will see everything. Now I know only a part. But then I will know everything in a perfect way. That is how God knows me right now. 13 And now we have these three: faith and hope and love, but the greatest of these is love. 1 You should want to have this love.
I thank God for all my friends but especially the ones who will love at all times. 


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  1. Good word, Norman!! Sorry you are feeling a bit off today, but nice to see God is talking to you in it.
    I thank God for that never satisfied hunger he has given you, and I know which one of your friends I am 😛
    To me, you are one of the deepest, most contemplative people I know. I wish I had your level of hunger to know more of Him…. I would go to the depths of the ocean and be content… you would go to the depths of the ocean and ask if there is more and get more, and then I would look at you and say “Dang! why didn’t I think of that?”

  2. Thanks for this Norman and especially the reminder of Jer. 9:23.
    I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling miserable, but so glad for the way God speaks to you through it. What you have written describes my life … the way I have ‘felt’ … especially the past couple years. So many voices (including the well meaning ‘spiritual’ ones) are so willing to speak the answers into our situation. But there are really only two who can minister … our Heavenly Dad (who promises to never leave or forsake us & promises to stick closer than a brother) and the one who has walked through it before with Him.
    The one who has walked through difficulty following our Dad’s lead knows how to sit quietly, reach out, lift up … and when necessary nudge us out of our comfort zone.
    Thanks for the assurance that I’m not a ‘spiritual failure’ during this season. And more importantly … thanks for the reminder to watch and take lessons because there may come a time when what my Heavenly Dad is doing in me now I will be able to deposit into someone else’s life as He wishes.
    You bless my life! Praying for the Divine anti-virus to invade you today. 😉

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