Giving Up The Pursuit

Well it’s Friday and I find myself seeming to be relapsing into the cold/flu that I thought I was over. Not sure what all this is about but the prospects of me being able to sing at church on Sunday are not looking so good. I am bring in a couple of newer songs that the words will really minister to those who let the words sink in. The words are definitely convicting me. The song is called “ Chasing Idol’s” by Jaye Thomas. Here are the words of the first stanza.
In my mind pursuing you all the while chasing idols
You are Jehovah Jireh I treated You, like You were not enough
I call You king of everything,
still I expected You to wash my feet
God I’m sorry, I’m so sorry
How many times my minds confession is that I really am pursuing God with all my hearts when in fact my heart have drifted over to an idol. Lots of times I have followed a path that appeared to lead to Him and yet the path had not ended when my journey did.I guess I got close enough to get a little of what I needed but wasn’t hungry enough to make the effort to go all the way. If you continue the path towards Him you will encounter Him because He promises us that if we seek Him with all our heart we will be found by Him. I know I have followed the path towards Him and have in fact met Him there. These are times of wonder and amazement and I treasure the memories of each and every one. Yet sadly I have lived my life that would suggest once I reached Him then the pursuit was over. “ I achieved my goal” The truth of the matter is that this pursuit of Him is something that we should be doing each and every morning. The moment I wake from my sleep my first thought should be “ How do I find you today Father” I know that if I don’t the day will not amount to anything like it might of. But what often happens is that I am distracted away from taking the journey and instead trying to get life from the memory of the last encounter. It is similar to the manna that God provided to the children of Israel in the desert. It was meant to supply their need that day. There would be new manna available the next day but you again had to seek it every day ( except the Sabbath ). Well He is waiting for us to pursuit Him each and every day and there is something waiting for us that will so satisfy us again but only for the day. He wants us to come to Him each and every day of our lives because He so loves to have us interacting with Him.
When I don’t pursuit Him daily and instead replay the memory I find the memory has lost its power. I look for it to satisfy me as I try and get life out of it when the life is gone. This is a relational problem caused by my being broken whether I acknowledge it or not. The same thing happens between husbands and wives. Once the marriage has happened the pursuit often ends thinking that the hunt has ended successfully when in fact it was only that part of the hunt that was successful. Every day is a new chance to pursuit and explore the depths of the partner but often we don’t so that either. Instead we try and live off the old things of the past and we miss something that was so much better. When a person fails to pursuit their partner they may find that there eyes and heart will wonder on to someone new. They may even begin to pursuit someone new and the pursuer looks for something in this that he or she will never find. It is like grasping for the wind. It is only something distorted in one’s imagination.
It is even more common that we do that with God. When my pursuit of Him stops and the memory loses it flavour then my hearts look to be satisfied somewhere else. The steps away will be subtle at first and yours or my friends probably won’t even notice because you still know how to do the church chat. You will still know what the right answers are but you will look for a reason and a way to colour the truth in a way that will “ work for you”. It is really hard to walk out a love relationship when you no longer are in love. When yours or my heart is not having it’s needs and desires met in God then it will search for a new source regardless how disciplined you are. There truly is nothing out there that will satisfy so your pursuing idols will leave you hurt and you will not be satisfied despite its many promises.
So many people try to follow some rules that they think if they do a good job they will receive something good. You won’t do a good enough job and nor will you be satisfied. If you are in this position you will not be leading people to Jesus because you yourself no longer knows where He is. You no longer have the joy of the now relationship with Him but have a vague recollection of something you used to have. If you find yourself “ out of love and not satisfied in your God/ bride relationship then pursuing Him everyday is your path to joy, love and a satisfied heart. Just repent and turn from your idols and let the hunt begin. I’ll be joining you on that path…… and of course will try and get there first. 



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  1. Preach it, Bro! Do you remember me telling you the story of how the Lord used that song to convict me? One night late after soak and being the last person out the door… again… : P

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