Discipled By The Best

I was pondering the thought of discipleship. Regardless of what field of interest you have, if you are serious about becoming knowledgeable about it then you would seek out the best teacher you could find in that particular field. You would also know that applying to be a disciple of such a person would really require a great effort on your part to show him/ her that you were a good investment and that you would give it your all. Less than offering that to him/her would likely mean you would not be chosen and would have to settle for something less.
Once chosen you would be so excited that you are going to spend time with the proven champion of the world and that you would learn the secrets of greatness. It would be time to purge your mind of the “ things you know about the topic” as it would disable you to hear the truth and absorb it as just that, truth. When we know something or think we know something and we hear a word or idea that is contrary to that we kick in a defense system. The new idea is not readily accepted but is being investigated by your mind and all the information it has to determine whether this is truth or a lie. The source of the word or idea also comes into play. Do I trust the person who is telling me this new thing? Can they prove to me that what they are saying is true. Unless we have the innocence of a child then we are skeptical and just can’t simply learn. We have been fooled in the past so when this word or idea shows up that doesn’t seem to fit with your belief system that is already established it will not be able to be absorbed.
Now if the person doing the teaching is a person who is trusted by you and you see them as one who really knows then the new word or idea comes in and displaces the previous thought or opinion. The thing is, that if you really want to learn then you must make a decision to submit the knowledge you have and be willing to receive what you are being taught by the one you submit yourselves to. You also need to communicate to your teacher that you value them and you are really thankful for what they are investing in you because that is what they are doing. All this is for you and not so much them. If you have a listening ear and a willing heart the teacher will be free to share the deep things with you as one who places value on the deep things rather than trying to be creative in ways to get through to you. The more we esteem them and create a great atmosphere for them to teach the better the lessons will be that we get. The teacher can only take you as far as you are willing to go.
My thoughts went from there to the ultimate teach Holy Spirit. Jesus said that He would send us the comforter who would lead us into all truth. I am a disciple of the greatest teacher who ever was or will be. He has taken me on with all our warts and flaws and is willing to pour into me whatever I can handle. There is no need to use any filtering system with Him because all He says is true. That being said I still find myself blocking His words and ideas to what I think I know at least in some cases. I really need to get it into my head just who it is that is talking with me and teaching me. I should have been honoring Him as He deserves but I know I haven’t been. I really need to meditate on just who it is that is with me and what he is offering. The truth of the matter is that unless Jesus had dispatched Him my way I would have never offered enough in myself to be chosen to be His student or disciple. But the fact remains I have. This is great news. I need to shake off the blinders to the truth and create an atmosphere of honor to Him who is oh so good and knows the way, all the truth and what life is really about and how to live it in a way that will prosper me and be a blessing to others in this world. This is wonderful news. There is never a situation that I will be faced with that is too much for Him to handle and He is always, always with me.!


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