Heart Function

Our heart rules our emotions. When our senses pick up on some news or information our heart will interpret it though it’s belief system and then release our emotions to the rest of our body. If what our heart truly believes is perverted from the truth it will act out of the lie and have a negative emotional response that causes us to do wicked things. If however healing has taken place in our hearts then our emotional response will be one that is good and wholesome. It appears that the heart rules over our members of our own body. If the heart is offended and gets angry it releases fury to the body and the body may attack the person it is angry at. If it is a heart of love it will compel the body to go and minister to the ones with a need or be willing to serve. It will train the body to be watching for need or a place to serve. If the heart is full of pride it will have the body’s senses look for those willing to serve its agenda.
Have you ever noticed someone walk into the room who you were at odds with? Immediately your heart jumps inside you and then it releases a rush of emotion to the body. The body reacts with tension and the face may frown and the eyes and ears are on full alert for what this person may do. Then the heart will not want to tip it’s hand so it will try and deceive the person by having you fake a smile or say something that would conceal how you really feel toward them.
It is the same when you notice someone you really like walk into the room. The heart will be excited and will release the emotions to the body that will cause a smile and may pursue them for a hug Etc. What is in our hearts is so crucial to how we will walk this life. No wonder David asked the Lord to Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.24 Point out anything in me that offends you and lead me along the path of everlasting life. The Spirit speaking to us through Proverbs 4 : 23 says “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” I guess to say that we need to get our hearts healed up would be an understatement. We must be vigilant not to accept anything that comes along but really seek the Lord on whether there is good or evil in the new thought presenting itself. Once a lie is believed in your heart it has been empowered to change the course of your life and will affect those around you as well.
If you examine your life and see reoccurring relational difficulties then perhaps it is time for us to be like David and ask the Lord to search me and reveal the lies that are in my heart. Just what do I carry in there that is contrary to the truth and is an offense. This type of operation is really for our benefit. Would you let your 4 year old behind the wheel of your car on a busy highway? You would know that a wreck is on the way because you have set yourself up for that to happen. It’s the same thing living life with a heart wounded by lies and deception. Come Holy Spirit and expose all that is wrong in my heart and give me the truth that will fill the void left behind from the lie being evicted.
I so want to know Truth in both knowledge and in person. How fun it would be to have a journey through the heart of God. We would be awed by the beauty and splendor of it all. The bible has lots of scriptures dealing with the subject of the heart. Here is a link that has some listed together.



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