Sunny Days With Sunny Smiles

Well hanging out with family in one of the most beautiful locations in Florida ( Panama City Beach ) is definitely one of the times in life that brings joy. As I watch the children play I notice the many changes that has occurred since my last time with them. Not only have they grown and changed their looks some but they have grown as people as well. Christian has been fun to play with and sporting hair now has me left as the only folically challenged person. Ryan is now able to run and is quick to get into anything. He loves to play hockey with Christian and I is no longer happy to be put to bed. Evelyn has grown too as a person and is revealing her thoughts more and more. It is common to see her drift off to a world of imagination and even speaks out loud to it as if it is as real as the world that we are in with her. She is often pleased or satisfied with the events going on in her world. I wonder if is part of the seeds that are in us that call us to be creators.

It gets me to thinking of how God gave us this world to subdue it and to enjoy it’s fullness. God made a beautiful world for us and then gave it to us to tend for Him. What are we creating here on our time on the earth? I could look at the various wars and destruction that has gone on over the years but what about us and what about now. I find when we look at the world and the negative things going on around the globe it is definitely not my responsibility…..or is that true? I wonder how many of us through time has forgotten what Evelyn does on a daily basis. In her mind she creates a world or atmosphere that is a pleasant place for all to enjoy. She doesn’t do it on a grand scale but just the world that she lives in. Is it possible that I could do the same thing? Could I use my imagination to create a world around me and the people who occupy space in my world, which would be very hospitable for all the ones in it? Could I bring it from a place in my mind to a present reality? I believe the answer is yes and that it is a gift that we have been given to either use to bless or to hoard.

In my world I have many choices that I make get to make everyday.  It is those choices that will shape the world I live in and will affect the ones I love and do life with. So maybe a good place to start is to take a quick assessment of my world and decide what areas that I have that I wish were different. I don’t have to look far to see I have relational problems with some family members. I have managed this problem area through avoidance. Strangely enough it really hasn’t changed anything. I thought time was just supposed to heal everything??  Who said that anyway? I have seen some people who have grown older without maturing at hardly at all. Though the body continued to age the person was stuck at a child state in who they are.  Many times it’s those things that happen at young age that can shape who we are forever, unless we allow ourselves to be healed up.

Our world of imagination is all about having a look at what we would like to see become real so we can know what to create. Too many people don’t take the step to create but go there to stay and hide from the real world. Escapism is a choice that some of us make when we can’t cope with world of reality. It is like getting the mail and throwing the bills in the garbage. It may look like you got rid of the problem but it is still very much there. I know there are many people who are stuck in these situations and wish they could make the change but don’t have any idea even where to start. We have listened to a lie that things will never change and we just have to get used to things as they are etc…… We have a God who loves us and has called us into a life of fruitfulness regardless of whom we are or where we are at. His plans for you are good ones so if your plan for your life is not working out then He is the best option. He is waiting for you and I just to partner with Him. It’s time to be a child before Him trusting Him to do the best for you regardless of any other thought you may have. He will be with you every step of the way guiding you and teaching you lessons that are true wisdom.

He is the Master Creator and all his created things were made without flaws but turned out just as He desired. Fallen man has done many things to this earth that cause it to be less than perfect now but that is just the result from being fallen. No longer fallen man but a new creature in Christ we are able to move forward and fix what is broken. Let us invite Him into the places where we imagine and let Him give us a good picture with all the plans on how to make it happen so we can change our world.


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