Well this appeared to be a beautiful day with the sun shining and the air temperature around 21 degrees C. I am in the kitchen getting myself a coffee to start the day when I notice movement on my sideboard. It is small very small but I know it isn’t part of the décor. It is one of those darn little invaders of the ant variety. I know that where there is one there are more. I could simply squish it but it will not change anything. There will be more to replace that one so I have to think a little bigger.
Why would they invade my house I wonder? So I think over my coffee how I will engage these little critters. I decide that if they want to come in and pirate some food away then I will assist them in their endeavor. Sometimes the best strategy is just to give them what they want. I go and get myself some Ant Be Gone which is a liquid that appears like a thick water droplet only sweeter I imagine. I put down a drip and I watch and wait. First one ant stops by and just drinks it’s fill and then leaves. After 5 minutes two more arrive and are pulled in to the liquid banquet. More time passes and more ants appear. The next thing I know there are about a dozen of them all around the drop and the drop is all but consumed. I decide to put a few more drops for them to feed on. I don’t want any to go without. They would actually load up this stuff and drag it back to the nest for the rest of the colony to enjoy. I continued replenishing the pools of this poison as they continued to lap it up.
When the first drop was on the counter they seemed a bit shy to get into in but not they would just appear and go right in. It made me wonder if the word was out that this stuff was good and they should load up as fast as they could. I began to wonder if that was something that they have in common with us. I think about the Garden of Eden and all the food that was there for Adam and Eve to have but the devil made the one fruit that was forbidden to eat look so appealing that they just had to eat. Satan started there and continues to make forbidden fruit look so appealing to us that it costs many of us our lives as we take the bait. That is exactly what the droplet of ant food is….bait not food. Its purpose is to kill ants and to kill their seed back at the colony. He does it with marriages. He presents a person ( bait) to the marriage partner and makes that person look so delicious they just have to have a bite and the marriage begins to die. An introvert wants to be more popular and he places bait in the form of a drug that will liberate him only to in fact snare him. Maybe the person suffers lack and so the bait is a sure bet at the track and so the person bets money they don’t have looking for financial freedom only to find themselves a slave to their lender.
I remember hearing a story of how monkeys are trapped. They would but the bait in a fixed box with a hole in it that you could just fit your monkey hand in. It grabs the bait inside and then tries to pull it’s hand back out but it won’t fit. The only way to get it’s hand out is to release the bait but it refuses. The hunter can just walk up and capture the poor monkey. I’m sure as people we could never do anything as foolish as this. 
It is strange but as people we are vulnerable to his trappings by his various methods to bait us. The enemy will custom fit the bait just for us if need be. Jesus saw that we were indeed like sheep without a shepherd and He sent us Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth. With Him guiding you there will be no bait that will cause you to fall. He recognizes every scheme of the evil one designed to steal kill or destroy. Don’t be like the monkey and think you can take the bait and make a clean get away. It won’t happen. You and I are not the great exception. All that glitters is not gold.
After I knew there had been lots of ants well fed and I knew the nest would have been poisoned, the bait was stopped and I used the ant spray which is an instant kill. Before very long there were no more ants to be seen. Back at the nest they would be discovering that all that glitters is not food or good. For them it is the last lesson they will learn. If something is too good to be true then it probably is.


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  1. OK … but did you have to let that one ant escape that found it’s way to my bath tub today? At least I know you got the rest of them. 😉
    Those are good words to live by. What needs am I allowing to be filled by something or someone other than Christ? Maybe time to do some spiritual spring cleaning before summer gets too far advanced.
    Thanks for sharing.

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