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The Inner & Outer.


Real Security


Safety and security are words that are familiar to us all as we seek to keep ourselves from harm and to preserve our lives here. I remember as a kid being on the beach when the tide was out. We would build sand castles that we thought were amazing. I always wanted to protect mine so it would somehow last. I would build walls that would surround it and seemingly protect it. It looked good to me until the tide came in. When the tide comes in the force is relentless and what I thought were walls of security quickly gave way to the water. In the twinkling of an eye everything I had built was gone.

Today we don’t build sand castles much but we still do the same actions. We get ourselves a home that is our castle whether it labeled a shack or a mansion, it is our place we live. It is often our place of refuge where the cares of he day can slip away while you are in the safety of your own home. We take part of our pay and get RRSP’S so we can protect our future and take comfort in imagining a time when all will be well. Our trust is in our ability to manage our lives with plans that are subject to things beyond our control. You make have money in investments that are bring a sense of peace as you are protected. Regardless of our well thought out plans you are no safer in these things then my castle was at the beach. The world has never been more unstable then it is today.

There is only one place to invest in that is not subject to a multitude of things gone wrong and that is Jesus Christ. Your life is never safe unless you are willing to sacrifice it to Him. It sounds like leaving the safety and comfort of your life to instead go skydiving without a parachute. He is the only way you can protect yourself and all other images of safety are just illusions. When you jump in surrender to Him, He will be there to catch you. This is the only situation I know where you are an enemy of a kind and you surrender to Him that you are embraced instead of jailed or killed. Jesus is a good king and knows why you are the way you are. You are broken and He knows that broken people act wrongly because they are broken. He is the only way to wholeness, happiness and fullness. Our trust has been betrayed many times in life but if we will just put our trust in Him then these short lives on earth will anything but disappointing regardless of the trials you WILL face. There is no get out of trials free pass card but Jesus promises to see you through each and every one.

So if you value safety and security for a life eternal then Jesus is where you look or at least that is what I am…….. Just Thinking

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