Choose Love

Choose Love

Waking up this morning in the usual daze and wonder out to the kitchen and get a coffee brewing. I think I have company coming so I start to look for the things out of place in the house and ponder what the supper will be. I sit down at the computer and look to see what is new in the world and I read this article on Miley Cyrus where she attacks Christianity and Christians alike in a nasty way. She also declares herself to be all inclusive as she embraces people of all kinds. ( Clearly not Christians )

My first reaction is one of being attacked and so I mentally defend myself. Then I wonder what my heavenly Dad is thinking about this. He loves her and sees past her rage and brokenness and He is not threatened. I started to wonder why she is so against Christianity as she obviously was hurt by someone under the banner. She also identifies with the transgender community and calls her own sexuality fluid. Great word that makes being tossed by the wind sound so much better. But that is our world today. It is often in a war of words and deceit and truth and right are shall we say “ fluid”.

So after looking to Dad I stopped going down the road that I seem to naturally travel when I feel threatened and I prayed for her. I know that she is being tormented and has lost respect for herself and is self destructive. She needs help. She needs a loving Father who she now imagines doesn’t exist. Take a moment to pray for her who is expressing her anger and pain that God will break through the darkness that surrounds her.

So I start to think whether or not she has any valid points or not. She like many other people today are waving the rainbow flag and embracing alternate sexual lifestyles and pressuring the church to embrace them as well. I think many like me hoped they would just go away but they are not going anywhere. I have been looking into this issue in my heart as well.

Despite what the world thinks, there is in fact a God and He gave us an instruction booklet on how to live on this earth. The bible is clear on what is “sin” and most Christians know them although most Christians do not make choices that are without sin. When I first heard about there being people who engaged with the same sex it was presented in a way that made me know that they were the “bad people” much like the people next to us who were Catholics who did God knows what inside their doors.

So later in life I actually became a person who loved Jesus as opposed to my religious affiliation. If you know Jesus then you also know the Father. They are all about love, which is why we are commanded to, “Love the Lord our God with all of our heart, our soul, our strength and our mind. Love our neighbor as ourselves.” Now myself I have failed even to do these simple things. My attention has been on many things but not on these things.

So how should I be approaching these matters facing the church? Well first I have come to realize that my pointing the finger at the gay community is just one of a prejudice that was fostered and accepted even in church. So should I get my whiteout out and remove a few things from the bible? No. Only the author can make changes to His book and this author meant every word He said. God never made any mistakes and God is both loving and just. When God declares something to be sin, it is Him identifying a rotten fruit that comes from the wrong tree. If you are not in the Tree of Life then you are in the Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil. God is the only one who can rightfully identify bad fruit in a persons life so when He puts His finger on it,it is not God pointing His finger of disapproval at the one who sins but does show you are in need of Him.

Sin is a disease that has entered all of mankind and Jesus is the only antidote. This antidote is good for any sin manifestation. Sin distorts the plan of God and it comes in all kinds of ways. Sexual orientation is just one of the many distortions. The fact of the matter is that we are related and suffer from the same thing but it just appears different. The treatment that is required is the same. Jesus. Jesus is not the enemy of the person who is engaged in whatever sexual lifestyle but He is the answer, the ally, and the only solution to the sin problem.

God loves the individual and not a lobby group. God cannot be bullied by anything. Jesus is our one hope and the only real enemy is Satan who brought sin into the world as a way to hurt God our Father. Division between us is a strategy of the enemy that has proven effect because we have failed to love. I need to be aware and understand that we are all in the same ocean trying desperately to live. I am sorry that I have misrepresented my Dad but make no apologies for anything He has done, is doing, or will do. God is love. Some of us have made a choice to join the people in the boat ( Jesus) that God has provided and some of us have tried to find another way. WE in the boat need to be reaching for the ones yet in the sea and not hitting them with our oars, or at least that is what I find myself ……….. Just ThinkingLifeisaJourney-JennysCreations


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