I was reading today about the story of a women called Hannah and I was impressed with her character. Her life had been one of failure in the eyes of her culture. Her husband loved her dearly but she was unable to have children with Him. He had another wife as well and she was able to do that and she tormented poor Hannah because of it. This woman was powerless to change things and she was grieved in her heart and wept openly. Her husband tried to comfort her but his comfort was not able to fill the hole in her heart.

Have you ever felt powerless in an area of your life? Well for me I find that I am powerless in my relationships with my children. It seems that on my dad’s side of the family in particular that family relationships are a total disaster. I think my dad only speaks to one brother. He is alone most of the time and trusts only in himself. Sometimes I worry that I do not possess the skills to be that” great dad” that says just the right thing, has all the right answers and brings comfort to his kids.

I have met other people who’s children want to hand closely with them as they must have done something right to get that result. I envy them as that just naturally seemed to flow in a gift of parenting. After I was around 20 years of age I seemed to become angry and never wanted to spend time with my family at all. I was walking in my father’s footsteps without even realizing it. I think my kids are pretty great and they are doing fairly well and better then many.

Hannah finally went to the altar of God and laid her burden down there. She was accused of being a drunk because of her weeping. When she shared her story with the priest then he came into agreement with her prayer. The thing I found do remarkable was that she stopped her weeping, sadness departed and she again started to eat. That is really a great picture of faith. She left it with God knowing He would do whatever was right as He is good. There is only one who can make the impossible happen. I was struck last week by a verse in Isaiah 37: 21 Then Isaiah son of Amoz sent this message to Hezekiah: “This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: Because you prayed about King Sennacherib of Assyria, 22 the Lord has spoken this word against him:

Those words continue to ring in my mind “ Because you have prayed about….” I too can pour out my heart to the Lord about the thing that causes me such grief and then walk away without the burden as it is now left with Him. Him who loves and is able and that is what I find myself……. Just Thinking    


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