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Well we are well into another season of weddings here in the Maritimes. My son Thomas was among those who made their wedding vows. There was of course the jitters before the wedding showing but once the ceremony was complete there was joy on the faces of the new married couple.

I think most couples think, as they stare into the eyes of their loved one believe there is no one else who could satisfy their heart like this person. They believe that this person is the only one who has my heart and for a time it may be true. Time has a funny way of changing things though. Initially there is great care in guarding this all important relationship, but then time rolls by and you begin to relax your efforts. Perhaps it is the money you need to pay for the new car that has your attention. Children come along and they require lots of time and thought and usually right now. The one thing that was most important to you both gets lost in the pursuit of the things “we need” in life.

Marriage is under attack in the earth today. Sexual desire’s outside the marriage are no longer things to be resisted but promoted. Sexual sin has been deemed not to be sin and has been reclassified as natural. The internet has made this particular sin to be readily available. Recently in the news there was a web site hacked that was set up for married couples wanting to have sex outside of their marriage. It was all supposed to be secret but opps it was exposed. Once our attention is no longer given to protecting the marriage relationship and having it valued greatly then it is doomed to break down. In my earlier years I was baited into becoming successful if I did this, that and the other thing. I believed I was not okay as I was but needed to turn my focus on things that “would make me” a real man!! Well as you can guess it lead me to a failed marriage and a broken heart. That turned out to be a lie that has cost me everything. Fortunately life was not over.

Many of us have the same sort of beginning with our marriage or covenant with God. We start out so excited in this new relationship and can’t believe that God could love a wretch like me. This is amazing! The God of the universe has chosen me, loves me, and He walks and talks with me! Oh how sweet it is as the late Jackie Gleason would say. Just like marriage we can become familiar with the love of our life and so we start to move on to other things in our life that we need. Perhaps it is the praise of people you need to make you feel better. Wow as I type this I am struck by that phrase, “ to make me feel better”. When we break the gaze of our God and look out there to find something to satisfy something in us we are headed for trouble. It may not even be outside of the church world. Maybe it is a subtle as needing to lead worship, needing to preach or leading the charge at a bible study. These are all good things but if they are being done to satisfy your own need then it becomes a snare to you. I for one know I have fallen in a few of these things.

Is your need to be loved not being fully met in God? Are you not being “made to feel” like you are special? These are things that I have struggled with and if I am being honest I still do then you are vulnerable to the enticement of this world. This covenant with the Lord under the blood of Jesus is also very much under attack. If your eyes are no longer staring into His eyes then you are in a place where your oil is running low in your lamp and it might just go out. It isn’t too late for me or for you either. Here is a scripture from 1st Samuel that may speak to you as it did me.                        1 Samuel 7:3 Then Samuel said to all the people of Israel, “If you want to return to the Lord with all your hearts, get rid of your foreign gods and your images of Ashtoreth. Turn your hearts to the Lord and obey him alone; then he will rescue you from the Philistines.”

Lord my mind has pondered and figured out what I need to do and so I pray that you would change my heart so it’s one desire would be you and that my life would truly flow out from this, In Jesus name I pray. And so as I move forward with the rest of my day this will occupy my mind as I find myself ……Just Thinking


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