A Secret


It is amazing to watch something like a lie grow from nothing to something huge and destructive. Lies that appear harmless we refer to and “ white lies”. Lies are often like honey. They appear to be the sweet answer to the problem facing you but they are also very sticky as well so once you are involved you are often stuck.

I was reading the account of King David and his fall with Bathsheba. I think the first lie that he came into agreement with was one of entitlement. He was now the most powerful king in the known world and his word was the final authority. The days of hiding out or shepherding sheep were far behind him now and I suppose so was his humility. I would imagine he would have been bombarded with thoughts telling him that he was greater then his fellow man. How cloudy our mind gets when we drift away from God and then the truth becomes lost in the fog.

Well David wasn’t checking in with God as he had done in past times when he looked at Bathsheba with desire and decided to invite her over. I suspect even at that point that he just wanted to look upon her but knowing she was married he wouldn’t actually take her. The problem with those decisions is that the slope you walk is very slippery. Well he did take her and likely afterwards felt guilty but thought it would pass. There is no record of bringing her back over for a second visit so I can assume that his conscience was troubled.

No just when his mind began to be at peace again he gets word of her pregnancy. Now he realizes that he has got away with nothing and things are much worse then before. How can he keep the secret….secret? Now he needs to create more lies to hide what he has done in darkness. He has her husband sitting at his own table trying to get him to have sex with his wife and thereby assume that the child was his. I love this quote by the husband Uriah The Hittite.

“Uriah replied, “The Ark and the armies of Israel and Judah are living in tents,* and Joab and my master’s men are camping in the open fields. How could I go home to wine and dine and sleep with my wife? I swear that I would never do such a thing.” David is confronted with the knowledge that this man is a man of honor and character. I know how I would have responded to that. I would feel so ashamed and would realize which one of us was walking the high road and who was not. Well David after many failed attempts to cause Uriah to fall he figured out that he needed to bury Uriah to bury the secret.

I wonder if David had deceived himself into thinking the God was with the ark in the tent and was not aware of things with him. It is funny the things that we as people do when we believe nobody is watching. The truth is that there are no secrets from God so when we think we are doing something in secret we are deceiving ourselves. I remember after keeping a secret from God after my failed first marriage. I kept that secret for four years and on the day I confessed it and said that I was willing to except His plan for me my life moved forward again starting on that very same day.

David was a wise man but even the wise can be deceived into thinking…… we lots of things. As far as ordinary people like you and I we face similar challenges in our daily walk. If we are not active in our relationship with God, and by that I mean confessing all your thoughts before Him and letting Him be part of all you are then you are ripe for deception as well. Intelligence cannot keep you from this. Deception is a powerful foe that is allowed into your mind by your secret desires. It is your secret desires that betray you to the enemy convincing you that you are still in charge when you are a prisoner. If you desire to do something that you know is wrong then tell God straight up that you are feeling that way but that you don’t want to be taken in by the desire. He won’t be angry at your honesty but will show you a way to overcome whatever it is you face. He’s a good, good Father and that’s a fact and is what I find myself……… Just Thinking.


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