My Moral High Ground



In the book of wisdom ( Proverbs ) WAR & CONFLICT BOOK

23 “Guard your heart above all else,

For it determines the course of your life.

24 Avoid all perverse talk; stay away from corrupt speech.”


This is a safeguard for us that will keep us on the positive side of life. It is hard these days not to be pulled into the negative news stream of the day. The election in the U.S. is long over but the camp that lost has never accepted the outcome. The slanderous things that are spoken out against their own president is going to bring change but not the change they want. When you spew out poison on someone whether it’s a president or your waiter in a restaurant, it will come home to roost, and when it does you will not like it. I know I have done that more then once and I wasn’t happy when I was on the other end of things.

When you hear a story about someone you really need to be careful with the information you get. Our emotions can guide us into jumping on a bandwagon that we shouldn’t be on. It won’t be taking us to any place we want to be. We all hear now about “ judging “ and it being a bad thing. Some of the very people who would say they live by that are judging Donald Trump. Are there exceptions to the rule?

I try and live a good life and treat others with respect and kindness but if you dug all through my past and picked out some of my biggest screw ups you could certainly paint me to be a horrible person and have the records to prove it. So am I my past? Am I not allowed to change and be given another chance?

What is the moral high ground that I am standing on that makes me a better person then say Donald Trump? The truth about us humans is that lots of are natural desires are selfish and our choices are what is best for the “almighty me.” We lust for things and if we think we can get it without being caught then we go for it. That can be material things or a person that we find very attractive. It isn’t love but that person can be used to satisfy MY need.

So what is my point? My point is that unless you have a spotless record you & I really should be treating and speaking things about people that we would want people doing to us. GUARD YOUR HEART! Nobody else will and that is what I find myself…… Just Thinking




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