The Lord did pray before He left

On a dark a dreary eve

He pondered those, and those to come

What was it they would need?


Trusting was one big problem

With mercy in short supply

The church had scribes and Pharisees

But on them he could not rely


With each soul wanting independence

There was no unity

Looking out for number one

All wanting to be free


So He prayed that we should be

Joined with Him as one

Surrendering our independence

Selfishness would now be done


A willingness to let God reign

Would burn within our minds

But the devil rose up and spoke his lies

And slowly we became blind


Now we sound like we trust in our Lord preacher

And we have our doctrines in hand

But when it comes to trusting you my friend

It’s there I’ll take my stand


I’m sorry friend but I can’t believe

That you call Jesus your Lord

You take this love thing way to far

Your thinking we cannot afford


You see I’ve been a Christian for many years

And this one thing I’ve learned

You never show your weakness friend

Or you will end up burned


The word of God is like a sword

Cutting the weak ones down

From their knees they look up

And they will see my frownSelfie


I’m sorry sir but you are wrong

There is a much better way to go

I surrender my life into His hands

And with His love I’ll glow


In this church where you play God

It’s a mystery as to why

You see whatever you do without love

Will count for nothing and die


Jesus opened the door so wide

That all were welcome in

He loved us into His family

And freed you from your sin.Matthew


So as you lead that life of yours

Judging others as you walk

Slander, gossip and the like

In those I place no stalk


It sounds like it’s time to make a change

And turn back to your first love

Repent for all your hurting ways

And wear Jesus like a gloveimages








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