I was having a shower today and I saw in my minds eye a picture of me walking hand and hand with Jesus. We were having fun and I knew that life was meant to be walked out in this way. We turned a corner and were met by many others on the trail. The first person I stopped to meet was a man named sports. I liked him right away. As I continued to walk I one hand in Jesus and the other hand in my new friend. We continued to walk and I met another man called fitness. As I listened to him I was soon convinced that I needed to have this guy in my life. Next we met a lady named financial security. She made perfect sense as she explained that we needed to save for a rainy day and that with our focus on investments and good income that we would not have to worry about the future. I was becoming wise through the voices of my new friends and now realized just how vulnerable I had been only a short time ago. Around the next turn I was introduced to insurance who I was told I could not live without. The insurance man was there to protect me from all kinds of hazards for just a low monthly fee. I definitely needed to have this person. Next I met a Real Estate agent who would find me a home that would truly complete me. Of course this would mean a mortgage that would need to be paid for the next 20 or 25 years but then again that is what every responsible person does. A house is an investment that would appreciate of the years and again would provide security in ones later years. Fortunately I met Career man would pointed me in the right direction for a higher paying job that would enable me to pay for all these things that I needed in life to make myself safe, wise and happy.

Oddly enough these things were secured and in place just like everyone else but I wasn’t finding the happiness I was promised. I went through the checklist and everything was checked off but I still seemed to be missing something. I went for a walk down by the docks and I met a man who was down & out. He appeared to be quite distraught and knew not where to turn. I sat and listened to the man talk about his life gone off the rails and how he missed his wife. He had been working overtime quite regularly as his debt was heavy. Just when things seemed to be getting caught up an appliance would break of the car would need repair and he would fall behind yet again. In his continued absence his wife met someone else, a man of means, and she packed up her bags and left. She had wanted more out of life and with this new man she was going to have it. I wasn’t sure what advice to give this man as I found the story upsetting me. So I told him that I only knew of one person that could help him here in this situation and that was Jesus. I told him that Jesus was one of my friends and that I would be willing to introduce them. He said sure and then asked me which friend was he? So I went to point and then realized that He was nowhere to be seen. The other “friends” were hanging close probably because I had to pay each of them for some service or another but Jesus was no where in sight. When did I last see Him, I asked myself. It was an awkward moment as I tried to explain that Jesus wasn’t with me at the moment but I was sure he could not be far. I told the man that I would find Him and then I would be back.

It was then that I realized that I had let go of Jesus had so I could embrace these other things. What had I done? Did I really think that I was lacking when I was walking with Jesus? I was never more free or safe when my heart was fixed on the one person. My life was meant to be in Him and with Him. I had been seduced by the many entrapments of this world and left behind the one thing that really mattered. Doing what most everyone else is doing seemed to be the right course of action but it wasn’t. The question I have now is how do I let go of all these things that seem to be so necessary???? None of these things are wrong or evil but when we derive our sense of security or worth from anyone or anything outside of the one who willingly gave His life for us, then we are lost and missing the mark. We will not find peace without Jesus at the center of our lives. So just like the story of “ The Prodigal Son” we are on the road to ruin so wherever we are in that process it is time to return home …… or that is what I find myself……Just Thinking


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