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The life I used to know

has somehow disappeared

The control and order in life

Is now replaced with fear


My confidence has been taken away.

Yet I still go through the motions

A part of me is dying

So for comfort I look to potions


Where is the God who saved me

Tonight while I feel this doubt

Is He still here with me

Or now alone I walk this out


He promised me He’d never leave

I will not be left an orphan

Guess He knew what He was getting

When He made me His own son


So by faith, I’ll praise my Father

and I’ll praise the 1st born Son

And I’ll look to find my teacher

Beautiful Holy Spirit, You are the only one.



Who can know the secrets of my heart

Or the many rooms within

Who can breach the walls surrounding it

Only You


Who took the time to know me, before I ever was

Or covered my unborn soul

Who looked into time and decided my place

Only You


Who smiled and enjoyed the person He made

Giving me a piece they needed

Who gave me His love and sent me His word

Only You


Who watched as my soul departed from Him

Only to bring accusation

Who chose to remain faithful and love me still

Only You


Who waits in the morning for my eyes to open

Wanting to spend time with me

Who continues to believe that my life is worth it

Only You


Who cheers me on as I struggle with faith

To trust the unseen and choose to believe

Who’s love remains faithful from the day I was made

Only Younature-clouds-hdr-phenomenon

My God & Father

Oh my God how good You are

Finding this one who was lost

With nowhere to go and no hope in sight

You saw my potential and paid a great cost


Your investment was so large

In return I gave you my word

That my life now belonged to you

To do as you wanted, it’s not so absurd


You can see the path ahead

Yet alone I am blind

To the things that await me

But I know Your plans are kind


You see, my God is for me

And all His choices made with love

So I shall not fear that which confronts

As know God is the hand and I just the glove


Each victory and kindness that I may display

Is just evidence of God’s power

To change what is broken

To raise up a son in this last hour.


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